Greenslopes Mall 

Greenslopes Mall have been a valued client of Professional Caliber Security for over 2 years, as we continue to manage the 30 CCTV camera instalments across the mall. Committed to keeping Brisbane safe, by installing our CCTV cameras in both commercial and residential properties, you’ll have peace of mind and reliable evidence 24/7.    For a free quote on a variety of our CCTV packages, please contact us at for more information. 


Racecourse Road CCTV

In 2015 Professional Caliber Security installed 12 CCTV cameras along Racecourse Road. These cameras have continued to record footage over this time and have proven to be useful during many incidents in the area. We are always committed to make Brisbane a safer place for everyone. By installing CCTV cameras for your business, you automatically have a reliable piece of …

Professional Caliber Security and Hutchinson Builders working together in industry

Hutchinson Builders has engaged Professional Caliber Security to provide specialised security services and systems with our Intruder Detection System leading the way. Our Intruder Detection System utilises three traditional security services by combining them into a complete end-to-end security solution. We provide our clients with a simple yet effective method of reducing theft and risk on a site with a …