Street Sleep Top Team Fundraiser for 2016

Last month over 60 people partook in the annual Property Industry Foundation Street Sleep fundraiser this year, with our management staff and security officers getting involved and taking part in the street sleep fundraiser for the third year in both Brisbane & Sydney. We managed to raise a whopping $4,816.09 of the total $35,187.06 to help children and youths who are homeless or at risk! With your help, we took out the Top Team Fundraiser Award this year!

On behalf of Professional Caliber Security, and children in need across Australia, I would like to firstly give a big thank you to all participants who for one night abandoned their warm comfy beds at home and took to sleeping on the cold hard floor, to be woken bleary eyed by the early morning noise of cleaners, utility companies and the early morning sunrise. Of equal importance, I would like to thank everyone who donated and got behind this great cause, as without your generous support we would not be able to assist children in need.


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