Yes, Small Businesses Do Need Security Systems! Here’s Why

Security systems are very important for businesses of all types and sizes. Without a security system, you’re aren’t just putting your possessions and your building at risk, but also your employees and your customers.

One concern that small businesses have is that security systems may be too expensive. However, if you find the right provider, they should be able to provide you with a tailored small business security system that falls in line with your budget.

Here are 4 reasons small business security systems are essential:

Safety & Peace of Mind

Businesses of all sizes are common targets for all sorts of crimes, including robbery, theft, unauthorised access and disorderly behaviour. Security systems – and CCTV in particular – have been proven to decrease the likelihood of crime, since they dramatically increase the chances of the perpetrator being caught and successfully persecuted.

We are sure that you have worked extremely hard to start your business. Having a security system in place will reassure you and give make you feel confident that your business premises, staff and customers are safe.

Insurance & Tax Breaks

Having a small business security system will lower your insurance rates and increase the likelihood of successful insurance payouts. It will also come in very handy when you need evidence to support claims, or if you ever need to dispute fraudulent claims that are made against your business.

As far as tax is concerned, did you know that in 2015, the federal government changed the tax-write off provision for small business assets from $1,000 to $20,00 effective until mid-2019? This means that small businesses have the opportunity to write-off costs related to business operations up to the value of $20,000!

Customer & Employee Satisfaction

According to, having a surveillance system increases customer satisfaction, improves employee performance and enhances productivity. Having CCTV reassures your customers and employees that your business is safe and protected, and alerts your employees to the fact that they are being monitored. This is essential for protecting your business from unwanted actions conducted via the employee network, and is also sure to boost employee performance. Having a security system with 24/7 monitoring is also very comforting for staff who work late or spend time alone in the building.

Business Insight

Another benefit of having business monitoring is that you can gain business insights. For example, you can watch the footage to identify how you can increase your efficiency and success by observing customer browsing patterns and identifying the output, routines and energy levels of your employees.

Ask Us About a Small Business Security System

At Professional Caliber Security, we have a range of affordable small business security systems available. Our commercial security packages can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. If you would like to find out more about which sort of system would be the best for your security needs, call us to book a free one-on-one consultation today!

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