Professional Caliber Security Is Providing Crowd Control for Chinese New Year

On the 9th of February 2019, we will be providing crowd control for the Chinese New Year Parade, which is set to attract a crowd of over 30,000 people. This Parade begins at 4.30 pm, and will take place throughout King George Square, Queen Street Mall and surrounding Brisbane streets.

Although events like this are great fun, they are also opportunities for theft, aggression and drunken behaviour. This is why our Professional Caliber Security officers will be part of the roaming parade team. These officers will ensure the safety of spectators and paraders by monitoring behaviour, maintaining security standards and following safety procedures.

Our Crowd Control Services

Professional Caliber Security crowd control officers are dedicated, experienced and fully licensed. They are trained to handle security risks of all sorts in a professional and calm manner, and are experts in conflict management, resolution techniques, restraint and removal practices.

If you want to ensure crowd safety at an upcoming event or special occasion, organise your crowd control today.

We hope to see you at Chinese New Year!

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