Professional Caliber Security are saying “Hello Please” at Brisbane’s new Espresso Martini Festival.

It was an honour to be engaged and provide our services at South Brisbane’s newest social attraction, the Espresso Martini Festival. It was Brisbane’s quirky yet playful Vietnamese style eatery, Hello Please, that brought this opportunity to us.  These guys are really bringing a new flavour and experience to Brisbane’s food scene with their shipping container kitchen and open air dining area. Offering a new selection of Vietnamese culinary delights each day, they are the perfect place for a quick and tasty lunch or an interesting night out.

The ProCaliber Team absolutely loved being a part of the booming presence that Hello Please brought to the festival and can’t wait for the next one. The next time you’re near South Brisbane and want to experience this amazing Vietnamese culture be sure to come on down and say hello… please.

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