OLGR Update to ID Scanner Requirements

Please read the following message regarding changes to ID scanner requirements:

Under new liquor laws, licenses who operate a mandatory ID scanner at their venue (regulated licensee) no longer have to: Scan patrons on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday nights provided they stop selling liquor by 1am or; Scan patrons when they re-enter their venue, provided the venue has a suitable re-entry pass system

Reduced scanning hours

Regulated licensees are still required to scan patrons from 10pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and the day before a public holiday, if they are authorised to sell liquor after 12 midnight during that trading period.

Patrons must still be scanned from 10pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights if the licensee continues to sell liquor after 1am.

Licensees cannot later decide to continue selling liquor after 1am if they have not scanned patrons from 10pm.

Re-entry pass system

Licensees have the option to implement a re-entry pass system. This means patrons do not need to be scanned more than once during the compulsory regulated ID scanning period (i.e. after 10pm) in the same trading period. 

The details of the venues re-entry pass system must be documented in writing. The document must: detail the re-entry arrangement that will operate at the venue; detail the types of re-entry passes that will be issued to patrons under the system and; be available at the regulated premises for inspection.

A re-entry pass must: be unique to the regulated premises and each trading period; only be issued to patrons who have had their ID scanned from the commencement of the compulsory regulated ID scanning period in the same trading period; be clearly identified as a re-entry pass and; not be able to be falsified, copied or transferred from one person to another or used across multiple trading periods. 

A compliant re-entry pass could, for example, be a stamp or wristband given to patrons when scanned that is identifiable as a re-entry pass for the relevant venue (i.e. states venue name) and trading period (i.e. states date of issue).

Further details about these changes can be found in the Holidays and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2019.

If you have any questions, please contact your local OLGR office as below.

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