Foodworks Woodbridge – Professional Caliber Security Officer Bravely Attempts to Detain Thief During Crazy Ram Raid

Last night a Professional Caliber Security Officer was injured at a Foodworks in Woodridge whilst he attempted to stop an alleged female shop lifter.

Our security officer had identified a female shopper who had placed a large piece of meat in her bag and attempted to walk out the store without paying. Once the female had walked past the check-out point and was making her way to the door our security officer detained her and made her wait seated while the police were called. Our security officer then proceeded to stand at the door to ensure the female was unable to leave until police arrived to question her.

The alleged shoplifter’s companion was parked outside the store, in a getaway vehicle (reported as stolen), waiting for the alleged shop lifter so they could flee with their stolen goods. According to reports from the police the getaway driver saw that his counterpart had been detained by our security officer and decided to drive the vehicle through the front entrance doors of the store in an attempt to barge the security out the way and create an opening for his counterpart to exit the shop. This shameless and cowardly assault caused our security officer to be knocked to the ground, injuring him in the process.

The ram raid did unfortunately provide the female an opportunity to get past our security officer and flee the scene of the crime. Our security officer valiantly jumped up and attempted to catch the couple as they fled but due to the injuries sustained he was unable to pursue them. Reacting instinctively , even though in a high pressure situation and injured, he was still able to note down the license plate number and make of the vehicle. After all information was relayed to the police our security officer was taken to a nearby emergency hospital and was treated for soft tissue damage. He remains in good spirits and thankfully will make a full recovery.

Professional Caliber Security would like to thank the security officer involved for his bravery and quick thinking whilst on duty. He displayed great professionalism and courage under the circumstances and will be commended upon his return to work.

The reckless criminals involved have not been caught as yet and if anyone has any information on this matter please call Crime Stoppers QLD on 1800 333 000

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