5 Security Guard Tips for Safe Patrolling

After initial training and a long period of time on the job, it’s easy for a sense of complacency to slowly hinder your performance. Our job is an important one, and sometimes we all need a reminder or two to keep us motivated and performing to our potential.

We have put together a list of five general security guard tips that can be applied in a variety of situations to ensure you always perform to the best of your abilities.

Engage All of Your Senses

Constant vigilance is the hallmark of a great security officer, and it is a good habit to periodically stop and fully take stock of your surroundings. Any unusual noises, sights, smells or other sensory information might warrant further investigation, and it can be the smallest thing that allows you to uncover a dangerous situation.

It’s more difficult to discern movement when you are on the move yourself, so this small consideration can make all the difference for site security.

Keep Equipment in Full Working Order

Whatever your security responsibility may be, functional protective and communication equipment is a must-have before you start your shift. No matter how routine your shift is expected to be, you need to keep all tools close at hand in all situations. Appropriate clothing and footwear that does not restrict movement is also one of the most security guard tips for all circumstances.

Don’t Develop Patrolling Patterns

Patrolling intervals and patterns should be as random as possible, especially if you are responsible for a large area. While you may wish to visit certain areas a certain number of times per hour, it is good practice to remain unpredictable while doing so.

Anyone looking to gain access to a restricted area will always seek out weak points, patterns or complacency in patrolling, so mixing things up can be valuable for prevention. Backtracking without warning can also be a useful technique for detecting intrusion.

Ensure You Have a Plan of Action for All Situations

If you aren’t fully prepared to deal with a variety of dangerous situations when posted, you can’t hope to perform your job effectively. Clear and methodical planning is vital when on patrol, as you may only get a short window of opportunity to effectively mitigate a threat.

Visualising and preparing for every foreseeable occurrence is also a good way to keep your brain engaged during the long hours you will spend patrolling.

Don’t Overstep Your Limits

Your own safety is of paramount importance when on guard duty, but some situations may warrant urgent and risky intervention to protect the safety of others. In most security postings, these occurrences will be few and far between and should only be acted upon if all other options are off the table.

You are paid to apply logic, problem solving and quick thinking as a security guard, not to needlessly endanger life and limb when a better solution may be available.

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