5 Reasons You Should Hire Private Event Security

Private event security is more than just a luxury for corporate events – professional security guards can contribute to the success of your event in ways you may not have considered.

We have put together a risk of five reasons you should consider private event security, regardless of the size or nature of the event in question.

They Will Make Your Guests Feel Secure

In most circumstances, private event security will set the minds of your guests at ease. It is important to get the correct number of security personnel, as too few can overstretch the security team and too many may be seen as an overbearing presence by your guests.

Unobtrusive, professional security guards will handle crowd control and mitigate guest conflicts while allowing all patrons to feel safe and secure.

They Will Deter Antisocial Behaviour

The presence of private event security is often a deterrent for those attempting to gatecrash or cause other issues at your event. Guards can monitor a guest list if you see fit, ensuring only invited guests are granted access. Professional security guards will be trained in de-escalation techniques and can resolve guest conflicts as they arise.

If many of your guests arrived by car, private event security can also monitor parking garages and valuables, providing a visible deterrent to opportunistic thieves.

They Can Act as a First Point of Communication as Your Guests Arrive

Extenuating circumstances may mean you are unable to greet your guests as they arrive, but trained and diligent private event security officers can take care of this for you.

Security professionals can be briefed on facilities, itineraries, speeches, venue rules and whatever else you deem necessary to the running of your event.

They Can Contact Relevant Authorities in an Emergency

Criminal behaviour or a medical emergency will require immediate intervention, and private event security officers can call for help in this circumstance. Private event security teams are equipped with communication devices to speak with each other, and can proactively contact relevant authorities in the case of an emergency.

Security officers will be trained in First Aid/CPR, and can calmly respond to health emergencies while waiting for paramedics to arrive.

It Will Allow You More Time to Network with Your Guests

As the organiser of an event, your time is precious and there will be many matters that need your attention. Hiring private event security to deal with emergencies will take the pressure off you, and afford you more time to liaise with the people that matter.

If you choose to go without security you may find yourself directing guests to parking, handling noise complaints or moving around flustered as you attempt to keep pressing matters under control.

Trusted Private Event Security from Professional Caliber Security

Professional Caliber Security have extensive experience in providing event security teams for a range of major or minor occasions.

Our security teams have undergone extensive training, and will proactively ensure the safety and comfort of all of your guests. Their attire can be organised at your request – high visibility, formal or classic clothing options can all be requested depending on the nature of your event.

To discuss private event security options, home alarm systems or anything else pertaining to security, give us a call on 1800 307 727 or email us at info@procaliber.com.au.

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