5 Reasons You Should Consider Security Careers

Our industry provides an invaluable role in protecting the safety and wellbeing of client property and the general public. Whether you’re a young adult searching for a career path or an experienced head considering an occupation change, there are a number of benefits to security careers.

We’ve given five compelling reasons why you should consider following one of the many security careers supported by Professional Caliber Security.

It’s a Future-Proof Industry

It’s impossible to know exactly what jobs will be replaced in the years ahead, but it’s fair to assume that security guards and officers will be in high demand for the foreseeable future. While security cameras and advanced systems have their value, they will never replace a cool and experienced professional when dealing with a threatening situation.

Security guards and officers can clearly evaluate a situation and draw upon their expertise to determine the best course of action. This ability will continue to be important in numerous security industries for many years to come.

A Physical Career with a Strong Social Aspect

By nature, security work will get you out and about and keep your body and mind active. A good baseline level of fitness is vital for security roles, and most jobs will give you the opportunity to maintain and improve upon your physical condition.

While safely and effectively performing your duties will always remain first priority, there are great social opportunities in security careers as well. You’ll meet and liaise with a wide array of different and interesting people in the course of your duties, making it a great career choice if you are a natural people person.

A Huge Selection of Working Environments to Choose From

Once you have some general security experience, you’ll be able to focus on a certain area of specialisation if you wish. Whether you want to work in sporting event security, lead a team of front-of-house guards at a nightclub or chase a career as a personal protection bodyguard, there are many exciting options you can choose from.

It’s Regarded as a Great Stepping Stone for Service Industries

If you harbour ambitions to move into service industries such as police or defence forces in the long-term, security work will be well-regarded by your future employers. Many of the skills you develop during the course of your work as a security guard or officer will apply to these positions, such as conflict negotiation, defensive tactics, risk identification and empty hand techniques.

You’ll Be Performing a Valuable Service Every Day

All of us want to make a difference in the work that we do, and security careers can be very rewarding in this way. Taking control of dangerous situations, de-escalating avoidable conflicts and making sure the general public remain safe will provide you with strong job satisfaction.

It’s also worth mentioning the flexible working hours and conditions you can expect with security careers. If you can’t deal with the monotony of a nine-to-five job, security might be the better option for your personality.

Pursue a Range of Security Careers with Professional Caliber Security

Our business is built upon more than 65 years of industry experience, which has allowed us to be recognised as one of the most trusted providers of security services Brisbane can offer. We stake our reputation on the provision of qualified and motivated staff for a variety of protection and security services.

Professional Caliber Security hires qualified security officers and guards for an extensive client list that spans many industries. You can learn more about the career opportunities we offer and

apply to join our team here, or else get in contact with our friendly team for more information.

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